planet earth about to be recycled

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i love my coworkers!!!!!!! they make my shifts actually enjoyable


Eddie Monsoon for i-D magazine, July 1998. Bikini by Joelynian.
my hair is getting long again 

my stepdad’s liver biopsy results came in yesterday and he has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. it’s in his bones and his bloodstream. they can’t operate, just hope to shrink it… there is a 1% chance he will still be alive in 5 years. i don’t know how to help or what to do. 


Yohji Yamamoto SS2008

had an anxiety dream about eating a big mac last night

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Marija Kovac
i got your daddy right here

Can’t See Anything, Rug (Detail).

Cabbage exhibits a beautiful geometric pattern.