i want to make you as lonely as me

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Friedl Kubelka, Untitled (Pin-up), 1971.

ya aint shit if your barista aint writing hearts on your cup

sky’s friend just told me he’s never seen a female drink as much as me and that makes me feel great

my four year old sister can count to 100 en francais and i make her do it every time i see her.  


Issey Miyake 1982

 this is my mom’s wedding dress!!! 

Anonymous asks: Eeep what kind of perfume do you like?

my fave is either parisienne by ysl or flowerbomb by viktor & rolf but i wear   tokyomilk’s excess a lot as well. 


Gareth Pugh Fall 2014
aw sarah

Naomi, Fendi Spring/Summer 1999

i hate not being able to wear perfume at work!!! perfume is one of my favourite things in the whole world!!!!!!!!! 


Maurizio Di Iorio