planet earth about to be recycled

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Ann Lislegaard, Nothing but Space, 1997
disease asks: what's ur favorite thing about autumn

the crispness in the air. sunny autumn days are the best because the sun doesn’t feel hot, only warm. wearing sweaters and thick tights and thigh high socks and boots! watching the rain from inside. that’s all i can think of. i love almost everything about autumn. 

for real this time i am buckling down and losing 5 pounds goddamn 

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Lanvin SS15

I’m Sorry/I Forgive You [detail] - Arwa Abouon 


Oliver Jones’ drawings.

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i’ve been losing so many followers 2day 


Thomas Tait Spring/Summer 2015 backstage

Ph. Sophia Aerts

i love the ceiling light in our kitchen


nan goldin heartbeat